Trust me I´m lying – Ryan Holiday

Trust me I´m lying

Ryan Holiday

On the backcover Tim Ferris explains that Ryan Holiday is part Machiavelli, part Ogilvy and all results.  And… Well, he´s right. His thoughts seem provoking, but do proof to be true.
Personally I really liked that Holiday actually uses real life examples and cases to explain his thinking and the guerilla strategies he uses and has used. He describes leveraging a story from a small blog all the way to morning TV shows, for instance.  That´s hands on and is true for the first part of the book anyhow.
In the second part he focuses on the reason why one shouldn’t manipulate the media.  Although he doesn´t give any solution to improve the media relations or how to have more accurate reporting in the future he does raise awareness.
If you work in or with media at all this book should find its way on your bedside table sooner or later.

Favourite Part: Writing about using HARO ( to leverage a story and actually having the owner Peter Shankman threaten Holiday to punch him in the face, whenever they meet.  If you get that reaction, you must be onto something.