The Designful Company Marty Neumeier

The Designful Company

Marty Neumeier

Haven´t heard of Marty Neumeier? You should. The first time I found out about Marty was through a slideshare presentation about branding.  „The Branding Gap“. Little did I know that the guy behind the slides was an author of a series of awesome books about – well about transformation. That´s probably he goes by „Director of Transformation“ at his workplace: The Liquid Agency in San Francisco.
Enough about Marty (for more info visit: )
With „The Designful Company“ Marty shows the reader that complex business problems, we are probably all facing today, can´t be solved with the same thinking we create them. His solution: We have to design the way forward.
And as the back of his book promises: „The new management engine that can transform your comapny into a powerhouse of nonstop innovation.“
It´s a must read and yes – we are fans.

Favourite Part: The rubber chicken…you´ll see.